How to choose the right size for Atmotube MASK

Atmotube ANTI-POLLUTION MASK now comes in size S/M that will likely fit, if you are an average adult or teenager.

To make sure this size fits you, please refer to our size guide with specific dimensions in the picture below.

Atmotube MASK size

You’ll need a tape measure to take measurements. Measure your face from one cheekbone to another and from the bridge of the nose to the chin. A properly fitting mask will cover your face from your nose bridge to the zone about an inch below your chin.

Not your size? Don’t worry, we are planning to add more sizes soon. Drop a line at, and we’ll inform you when the mask with the size that fits you is in stock.

Please, note, that proper mask fitting might be affected by facial hair such as beards and mustaches that interfere with the respirator sealing surface.