API Partner Program

About ATMO and PlanetWatch

ATMO, a developer and manufacturer of environmental and air quality monitors, provides API to third parties that allows the integration of air quality data with their apps and web services.

One of the early adopters of Atmotube’s data integration is PlanetWatch, a French startup that deploys air quality monitoring sensor networks based on blockchain technology.

The concept behind this joint project is the building of a hyperlocal indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring network that incorporates portable air quality monitors. End users carry or place the portable Atmotube PRO, which records and transmits PM1, PM2.5, PM10 measurements taken at 10-sec, 1 min-, 5-min, 15-min intervals. In addition to particulate matter, Atmotube Pro also tracks VOC, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Through ATMO platform’s open API, PlanetWatch integrates the collected data from Atmotube PRO to their own mobile app, where it is processed via their AI algorithms. Atmotube PRO serves as a hardware platform with a well-set sensor configuration that helps PlanetWatch collect accurate real-time air quality data.

We at ATMO are not responsible for the maintenance and development of third-party apps such as the PlanetWatch app. For questions related to PlanetWatch and their app, please contact PlanetWatch support here: https://planetwatch.zendesk.com/.