There's a LED on the front of Atmotube. What does each color mean?

Color State Description
Solid Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red Button pressed The LED color represents the current Air Quality Score
Blinking Orange - Atmotube VOC sensor is heating
Solid Orange USB connected Atmotube is charging
Solid Green USB connected Atmotube is fully charged
Blinking Red (fast) - Atmotube is in bootloader mode and waiting for firmware update
Blinking White - Hardware error
Blinking Red (slow) - Low battery. Atmotube is turning OFF

Atmotube 2.0/1.0

When device is OFF and you shortly press the button - the Atmotube blinks Green several times. That means Atmotube is OFF (in sleep mode). To turn ON the device - press the button for 5-7 seconds till the color of the LED is Blue.