How to charge Atmotube?

To charge Atmotube:

  1. Connect provided USB-A to USB-C to laptop/PC or wall charger
  2. LED color should be orange
  3. When Atmotube is fully charged LED color is green

Atmotube PLUS/2.0/1.0 Atmotube PRO
Charging time ~1 hour ~2.5 hours

Atmotube PLUS/PRO

Atmotube PLUS and Atmotube PRO are compartible with fast charger. You can use USB-C to USB-C cables for charging as well as Macbook charger.

Atmotube 2.0/1.0

Atmotube 2.0 and Atmotube 1.0 are not compartible with fast charger. Please use USB-A to USB-C cable with regular charger (0.5A - 1A) or laptop/PC port.